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One of the first things people may notice when they arrive at your property will be your driveway.  Oil stains, weeds and a build up of grime are unsightly and generally look a mess, and after investing in an expensive drive it's such a shame to have it let down by stubborn stains.  

GPC are able to treat and improve your driveway using our high pressure cleaning system. 

Depending on the age of the stain and the surface we can treat fuel stains, oil stains and general dirt and muck.

GPC also carry HydraBarriers® which are placed in front of your garage door to prevent water flooding underneath whilst high pressure cleaning is taking place. 

A few days later we will return to re-sand block paving, leaving you with an amazing looking driveway.

Patios & Paths

Summer tends to be the time when your patio takes centre stage.  Often the long winter months can leave it looking less than its best, but we at GPC can bring it back to its former glory.  

As with all cleaning processes we first remove any dirt, leaves or debris with a blower vac, preparing the area for washing, including edging pathways of overgrown grass.  We will then use our professional rotary cleaner which eliminates streaking and keeps mess to a minimum. 

Once completed and we are happy it's perfect we clean down the surrounding area, including wiping down any low level windows or glazed doors  with a squeegee.  

GPC will leave your patio looking it's absolute best and ready for those BBQs with family and friends!


For most people the installation of decking, to enhance their outdoor space, can be a costly and labour intensive investment.  

Over time adverse weather conditions,  wear and tear and general age can leave your decking looking worn, discoloured and algae covered. 

Regular cleaning can prolong the life of your decking and keep it looking its best. 

We use our professional cleaning system to remove the build up of grime, bringing it back to its natural condition and ready for treatment.

GPC recommend that following cleaning several coats of oil, or other wood treatments, are applied to the surface to preserve the wood.  



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